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Handedness Of An Individual Can Be Determined - 972 Words

Handedness Handedness of an individual can be determined by knowing which hand(right or/and left hand ) is used high frequently for performing the tasks. Most of the people around the world are right handed. There are four type of handedness. They are †¢ Right handedness- Major usage of right hand for most activities †¢ Left handedness- Major usage of left hand †¢ Cross-dominance- Usage of separate hands for separate tasks †¢ Ambidexterity - Using both hands equally Origin: Different statistics study shows that certain percentage of population belong to particular category is likely to be left or right handed. The motor homunculus as shown in the picture represent the division of motor cortex that contribute to different structures of the body. Hand movement involve fine control over the motor area. The differentiation occur in the region of brain more particularly in the motor cortex in the cerebrum. For right handedness people the left hemisphere of the brain dominates and vice versa.. Researchers from University of Oxford and its collaborated universities found the link between the handedness and gene that is involved in this process which is mainly PCSK6 gene[1]. A study conducted with approximately 54,000 individuals revealed that 24% handedness is contributed by genetic factor. [2] These gene can be influenced by cultural and social pressure that can result in right handedness child born to left handed parents. Broca s area that controls the sp eech and language isShow MoreRelatedThe Impact Of Handedness On Health Related Outcomes For Individuals And Discuss How Genetic And Environmental Influences Might Mediate Essay2862 Words   |  12 PagesDiscuss how handedness may be related to health related outcomes for individuals and discuss how genetic and environmental influences might mediate these effects. Introduction Handedness is a complex phenotype of humans in which individuals have a preference or advantage for use of a hand. Handedness is a not a discrete trait, but continuous. Right handedness is accepted as normal over left handedness. There are four types of handedness (left-handedness, right-handedness, mixed-handedness, where oneRead MoreThe Biological Of Sexual Orientation2473 Words   |  10 Pagesexplain the emergence of an individual s sexual orientation. In the discourse of sexual orientation, its definition is one s sexual feelings towards another individual; be it heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual (LeVay Baldwin, 2012). Some sexual orientations are accepted, while others have been frowned upon and labelled in negative ways. The acceptance of certain sexual orientations, and not others, can be partially explained by what, or which theory, individuals believe lead to heterosexualityRead MoreThe Performance Factor As My Dependent Variable2030 Words   |  9 PagesThe Performan ce factor as my dependent variable in this research proposal can be for each of the boxers utilizing the orthodox/southpaw position, observing the quantity of triumphs against an orthodox/southpaw adversary. Age: the average age for an active professional boxer ranges from 22 -40 years Opponent’s stance: this could either be southpaw or orthodox yet this data directs the choice of evaluating performance in a boxing match (win/lose/draw). Ratings or Rankings: base on the rule that aRead MoreUnderstanding The Nature Of The Human Mind Essay1115 Words   |  5 PagesEvery second of the day, our brain is fizzing with activity. In the early stage of life, babies begin to develop their basic functions that even though babies do not have the ability to communicate, they learn very quickly how to talk and walk. Babies can see and hear, and they have their own language. The development of new words and sounds critical in this beginning stage life. the human brains are all developed the same; however, the early development phase if critical for building out capacity. TheRead MoreHealth And Social Care Provision1743 Words   |  7 Pagesillness, but should enforce and promote maximum wellbeing of individuals such as using the biopsychosocial perspective on health and illness. In this essay, I will introduce a few examples in the field of psychological factors. However, since there are numerous of psychological factors that inf luences health, I will be focusing in on pain and addiction by showing how these factors determines biological, social and cognitive aspect of an individual physical health. The biopsychosocial model (BPS) of healthRead MoreForensic Science Essay1221 Words   |  5 Pages The first category involves profiling. Profiling the process by which a trained forensic psychologist goes through different parts of a crime scene to develop a description of the personality of the person. The personality description can include age, sex, occupation, behavioral disorders, how they were brought up, status, the type of place they would live in and its condition, the type of person they might live with, and what type of car he/she drives. Other helpfulRead MoreWhite Privilege : Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack1455 Words   |  6 PagesTo begin, the first pivotal revelation is the concept of white privilege. White Privilege, as Peggy McIntosh specifies in her essay, â€Å"White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack†, is a set of unearned assets which a white person in America can count on cashing in each day yet they remain oblivious to. This theme resonates as prior to this course, though aware of certain advantages as a seemingly â€Å"white† person in society, I was unaware of its official terminology. Also, as a person withRead MoreThe Components Of Effective Handwriting Interventions For Typical Primary School Age Children With Handwriting Difficulties?7616 Words   |  31 Pagescritically appraise the research (Young and Soloman, 2009). All papers in this review have been critically appraised using the critical appraisal protocol CASP (Public Health Resource Unit (PHRU) 2007) which is a recognised tool (Aveyard 2010). These can be found in the appendix (appendices 1 – 5). 2.5 Searching the papers A total of 152 papers were found through database searching. A further 5 papers were found through reference lists of relevant papers. 141 papers remained when duplicates wereRead MoreEssay about Homosexuality: Nature or Nurture?1275 Words   |  6 Pagesbecause there are more siblings. The study also found no correlation between female sexual orientation and older siblings (Francis, 2008). This changes a lot of things because if one is true why wouldn’t the opposite be true too? Biologists have determined the answer to be fraternal birth order effect (Francis, 2008) (Blanchard, 2008). This is where the amount of males a mother has affects the sexual orientation of the later males (Francis, 2008). Studies have shown this correlation to be true withRead MoreGender Identity And Sexual Orientation3311 Words   |  14 Pagesheterosexual, but there are also groups of people that identify as mostly heterosexual and mostly gay within the three traditional categories (p. 89). This i s to say that there are not three concrete groups, but sexual orientation is a continuum and one can even fluctuate on it over time. LeVay (2011) also defines gender as â€Å"the set of mental and behavioral traits that differ†¦between males and females† (p. 37). Oftentimes, gender and sex are used interchangeably when they should not be. Gender is not based

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